Attandance Rule

1-Every student of every class must maintain 15% attendance in class discussion, meetings and in tutorials held during class work.
2-A candidate must retain his attendance at least 75% practical performed in the laboratory or in workshop related to the subjects.
3-According to this rule, the attendance in national service program will be equivalent to the attendence of college of those days

Student Important Link

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Our Mission & Vision

Fighting ignorance is our mission. We wish to impart human value based education coupled with logical thinking for achieving an honest prosperity of mind and matter.

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College Infrastructure

To faster an enjuiring mind, with the ability to question choose valuate and argue rationally.
* To provide equality of opportunity for all pupils without harassment or prejudice.

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College Facilities

Environment Friendly Lecture Halls, Well Established Library, Well Equipped all Lab, Modern Computer Lab with Internet Facility, Drinking water facility with R. O. System, Huge Playground.